Our strengths and weaknesses are the things that and the starting line of who we are. To me, life is a learning experience, so identifying and knowing our strengths and weaknesses can help us learn, improve, and grow. It doesn’t matter if they are positive or negative abilities. Knowing our positive abilities can help us in accomplishing our goals, and knowing our negative abilities can help us improve. It is important to know yourself and your abilities, because it can help you express and use your strengths, and help you overcome your weaknesses. So what is my greatest strength and weakness?
My greatest strength is that I am a quick and initiative learner. I learn quickly and like to take on new things. I believe that learning is the key to improvement, so learning is a very important skill in life. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself. Most of the time, when I am trying something new, because of my determination to make it good on the first try, I learn quickly and make a good work and on the things I try. For example, whenever I am playing a new game, I would make a good score on the first few tries, and my friends would always yell out “lucky!” Or when I take on new classes or given new work in school; if not among the best I would do a good job most of the time; or even when I take on new activities. For example, one time I went out ice skating with my friends for the first time, and they told me I didn’t fall down as much as they did and that I was good for a beginner.
My greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist, so I do many things slower than others. As I have said already, I am a person that wants things to be done right the first time, so there are a lot of times when I spend more time than others on working on and finishing things. For example, if you look into my classroom on a test day, and you see the last student writing the test paper, that student is probably me. I am also an introspective person who likes to think a lot before doing anything most of the time, which is also why I work slower on things. In class, when a teacher asks a question, I would think a lot about it and make sure I really got the correct answer before raising my hand up. Another example would be when I am calculating a problem in Math, I would check my answers over and over again most of the time. However, because I found my weakness, I have already been working on overcoming my weakness a long time ago, and I can tell you that even though I haven’t completely got rid of it yet, I am making great improvements and I am doing things a lot quicker now.
As I’ve said, everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, and I have already found mine. My greatest strength is that I am a quick and initiative learner, and my greatest weakness is that I do many things slower than others. I hope you can now see that identifying our strengths and weaknesses is important, as it allows you to experience, learn and better yourself. So from now on, I would like you to take some time and ask yourself: what is my greatest strength and weakness?